Ferret Pictures

Here we have some of our personal collection of ferret pictures- we’d love to add yours too. Just sent up your pictures by clicking the contact page and we’ll make your very own carpet sharks stars. Some tips for taking good ferret pictures:

1. Get them when the first wake up. Like me in the morning, ferrets are slow to get started when they wake up from a nap. If you catch them in a deep sleep, you have about 2 minutes to snap away and get good pictures with a cooperative subject. After that, all bets are off.

2. Furo-Tone is your friend. A little of this on a paw, or the floor and your little friend will stay in place until it has all been cleaned up. You’re own little photogenic housekeeper!

3. Most cameras take BIG pictures, which is good for printing with a high level of detail. For the web and email, you want smaller pictures, usually 640×480 pixels. To resize your pictures, you can use the following free utility for windows- Simple Image Resizer. Just install it, then right click the pictures, and click ‘Resize Image’. If you have a Mac, or prefer to do it online, you can try Resize Images Online.