Memory Lane

Ferrets are bright little sparks that bring magic and mischief to our lives. Unfortunately, their wonderful, chaotic little fire burns out way too soon. Maybe it’s because they live so intensely, play with such vigor, and have such fun they have to leave sooner than the rest of us.

Whatever the reason, it’s always bittersweet to lose one of the family. It’s bitter because the pain is raw and brutal. It’s sweet because they will always have a warm and happy place to play in our memories and hearts.

This page has some links to little poems and stories that may help you say goodbye to your own little carpetshark. Nothing can make it all better, but maybe the wise words of others who have known pain like yours can bring you a little peace. Perhaps some help for the agony of deciding to put down a ferret? Some of them are written for our canine friends, but the sentiments apply equally well for our little furkids.

If you have some words of comfort to help others, or would like a free page of your own right here on Laughing Ferret to remember your special little boy or girl ferret, drop us a line at the Contact Page. You can say whatever you like, and include whatever ferret pictures you would like, the page will stay up as long as you wish. Best wishes to you and your little ones, still here and passed.

Ferrets Who Have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge