Ferret Wallpaper

Free Ferret Wallpaper for you computer! These images are 1600 x 1200, so they should look nice on most monitors. If you would like to make your own wallpaper, it’s very simple. Just get a good quality digital camera, select the macro or close up mode, and convince your ferret to be in pictures. If they’re not too cooperative, a little Ferretone can help. Bonus tip- catch ’em when they first wake up- you have a minute or two to snap away before they scamper off..

To set as a desktop background in

Windows Vista & XP


Boris Ferret Wallpaper Benny Ferret Wallpaper Boris sticking his tongue out If you would like to add your ferret to our collection, please send us a 1600×1200 picture and we’ll be happy to put your carpetshark on the web too.