Ferret Hammock

HammockRoom to stretch outEvery fuzzy ferret loves a hammock. And most every ferret loves to cuddle up with whatever other ones are around and snooze in comfort. It’s so much fun to see our little darlings curled up around each other or on top of each other. Since their food and water is right beside the hammock, they just lean out and eat and drink from their comfortable hanging bed.

But we had one problem – even though we only have two little ones, the male is not so little. In fact he is huge for a ferret – four pounds – and he could barely fit in a standard hammock, let alone have room for his mate. Both of them would end up with various parts of their bodies hanging over and out. Often I would find one of them with a face resting in the litter pan! Clearly, something had to be done. Enter the Huge Hammock. It’s double a normal hammock size and finally our ferrets have room to stretch out and relax without getting as face full of litter box! The male lounges belly up like a fat sultan and there’s still room for the female to stretch out too. This is the best thing I have ever bought for my ferrets and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Take a look at the great quality hammocks here.Happy in the new Hammock