Ferrets Steal the Darndest Things…

Over the years our ferrets have stolen pretty much everything that wasn’t nailed down. I though it might be fun to document what the current ferrets steal, and previous carpet sharks have made off with. Feel free to join in the comments if your ferrets have stolen something funny…

– Fuzzy Slippers
– MY Car Keys
– Aluminum Foil
– Grocery Bags (plastic AND paper)
– Computer mice- wired and wireless, thank you.
– Odor Eaters out of your shoes
– Headphones
– iPods
– Tennis Shoes
Ferret Video - Black Footed Ferret – Tennis Balls
– A Night Light
– Christmas Ornaments
– Cigarette packs
– A wallet
– Tampons from under the sink (when company was over. And he ran by with it. Sigh)
– The TV remote. During the playoffs
– A bag of chips. And pretzels. And Popcorn. Who keeps leaving these out???
– Pencils. Pens.
– Paper Towel Rolls
– Cell Phone (I had to call it to find it, I’m sure I didn’t leave it under the dresser!)
– The Bottle of Ferret Ear Mite Medicine (I’m sure that was just a coincidence…)
– A Change Purse
– Tinsel off the Christmas Tree
– The Dog Leash (the least she could do was walk him)
– My Heart.

And a bazillion socks… What has your little bandit snatched?