Marshall OctoPlay Ferret Toy Review

Benny Plays in the BagIf you have little kids or ferrets, you’ve certainly have experienced the phenomenon where you buy them a new toy, and they play with the package the toy came in, rather than with the toy itself. That’s not the case with the Marshall Octoplay ferret toy. We bought one for Christmas, and I have yet to see a toy holds their interest the way the Octoplay does.
To begin with, all four of them were interested in it from the get go. This is unusual in and of itself. If you have multiple carpet sharks, you know each one of them if has their own personality, likes, and dislikes. To find a toy that interest all four of them is nothing short of miraculous.

I suppose I should add some details about exactly what the Octoplay is. It is made out of a nice, plush material, and the” octopus” has five tentacles, with 11 holes to explore. One of the neat features we thought, was the fact that there are exit holes in the middle of the tentacles. In the pictures below, you can see Emily, and Boris making use of these convenient escape routes. The hole for the mouth is also a large and easily accommodates the most portly behind (yes I’m talking about you Boris). Another clever design feature is having plastic rings and the ends of the tentacles to keep them open and attractive for the kids.

It’s a pretty good size with 11 inch tentacles, and about an 11 inch head. You can have any color you want, as long as it’s red. The Octoplay was a big hit over the holidays, and they had a good time playing with it. We’re still laughing about it, odds are you’re ferrets will enjoy it too. Five stars from four fuzzies.

Everybody into the middle!Sophie Looking Fierce!Octoplay Ferret Toy 3Octoplay Ferret Toy 4Octoplay Ferret Toy 5Octoplay Ferret Toy 6Octoplay Ferret Toy 7

You can purchase one from Amazon here: OctoPlay