Ferret Litter

Training your ferret to use a ferret litter pan isn’t hard. Ferrets are the perfect pet if you’re looking for an affectionate, active and intelligent companion. But because ferrets generally have a short lifespan – Most ferrets live only five to 10 years – many pet owners prefer to purchase baby ferrets. The main benefit of baby ferrets, besides the fact that you’ll be spending more time with them, is that they haven’t yet learned any bad habits. However, you’ll also have to train them, and that means teaching your baby ferrets how to use a ferret litter pan for their droppings.

This requires patience, and vigilance on your part. You also have to be prepared for cleaning up a few ferret accidents before your new pet gets used to using a ferret litter pan. Having a baby ferret in the house isn’t that much different from having a puppy. Your baby ferret will boat boundless energy. It won’t, though, have any idea of how to use a ferret litter pan. That, of course, is where you come in.

Training your baby ferret to use its litter pan might turn out to be the biggest hurdle for you to overcome as you’re getting your new pet used to your home. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to tell when a baby ferret needs to use its litter pan. The ferret will do what many owners refer to as the “ferret potty dance.” This odd-looking dance consists of the ferret spinning around in circles and then backing its rear end into a corner of its cage.

When you see your baby ferret do this, immediately put the animal in its ferret litter pan. If your pet ferret goes to the bathroom, give it a treat as a reward. If you are patient enough to perform this routine enough times, your baby ferret will become litter-pan trained in no time. After the baby ferret is litter-pan trained, the next step is to place litter pans at strategic locations in the rooms where it plays. This way, whenever your baby ferret needs to go to the bathroom, it can head straight to these ferret litter pans. Ferrets are smart, creative creatures. But remember, training a baby ferret how to its ferret litter pan isn’t a feat that can be accomplished overnight. You’ll need to practice your training routine several times. But once your ferret is trained, you’ll have little trouble getting it to use its ferret litter pan.