Ferret Hammocks

Ferrets are an increasingly popular pet. And it’s little wonder: They are clever, fun and playful creatures. That’s why there’s such a large industry devoted to ferret accessories. And one accessory that’s perfect for any ferret is the ferret hammock. We usually think of hammocks as a way for people to relax. For ferrets, though, a hammock is another plaything. Ferrets don’t take kindly to resting. And though they’ll love the ferret hammock you buy them, don’t expect them to spend an afternoon lounging in it.

A ferret hammock looks much like a typical human hammock. They are smaller, of course. But they are also designed to be safer for your pet. You might consider a ferret hammock to be a sort of hanging bed for your pet. It’s easy to find the perfect ferret hammock for your pet. You can start your search online. Simply do an online search of the words “ferret hammock,” and you’ll bring up pages of Web sites that sell everything from pocket varieties to full-size ferret hanging beds.

You’ll also find a wide range of prices for these ferret hammocks. Generally, though, ferret hammocks are rather inexpensive. Online, you can find hammocks for as low as $5. Higher-end versions run at about $20. After searching online, you might want to try both chain and independent pet stores. With a pet store, you’ll be able to bring your ferret hammock home that same day. When you buy a ferret hammock online, you’ll have to wait for the product to be shipped. When buying in a pet store, you can also speak to a staff member about how to best set up and use your new ferret hammock. You may get the same level of service from an online site, but you’ll have to rely on phone or e-mail conversation. Often times, that’s not as effective as talking to a person face-to-face.

Once you bring your ferret hammock home, don’t be alarmed if your pet doesn’t immediately gravitate to it. Remember, it takes most ferrets time to get used to a new toy or accessory. Do not force your ferret into its new hammock. Instead, be patient and let your pet discover the joys of its new ferret hammock on its own. Of course, your ferret may never warm up to its new ferret hammock. That’s OK. There are plenty of other ferret accessories from which to choose. You’ll certainly be able to find a toy or bedding that your ferret prefers.