Boris GigglingI received my first bonded pair of ferrets over 20 years ago when another military member had to move. She was heartbroken, so I took in the little nippers partly as a favor and partly out of curiosity about what they would be like. I’m so glad I did- I’ve had at least two ever since then, and the best way to summarize them is they’re like pure joy wrapped in a little furry bag. They’re smart, loving, and just funny to have around. If you’re thinking about getting a fuzzy for yourself they make great pets, but they’re not for everyone. Take a look at this great book, Ferrets for Dummies, and avoid some of the mistakes I made when I first got Tee and Tina. If you do decide a fur kid is for you, please adopt one from a shelter- there are many great ones who need home.

Yours in Sock Stealing-

Carpet Shark