Ferret Video

Be it funny, interesting, or entertaining Ferret Video is just plain fun! Ferrets are smart and playful, and do many camera worthy things. However, they're also fast, smart, and impatient; and ferret video can be a challenge. Some of the major advertising agencies use "animatronic" ferrets in their videos, like the Bud commercials. Personally I like the ferret video actors to be a bit more natural- like in the wardance and Shuga Lee Lewis videos.

Ferret Video - Mountain Dew Chainsaw Ferret
(Commercial) Ferrets attack more people than Grizzly Bears Every Year. Here's one with a chainsaw, made in the genre of those old campy horror movies.
Ferret Video - Cool coat
Ferret video with a a cool coat for daytime wear.
Ferret Video - Banned Photos
(Commercial) Ferret Nudity - banned photo shoot!
Ferret Licks Jalapeno
Ferret tries a jalapeno. I don't think he much cares for it, I know how he feels, not much of a jalapeno fan myself...
Spokes Animal
(Commercial) Ferret Replacement for Spokes Animal
Ferrets in a Box
Well the ferrets have taken over, and now it's ferrets in a ferret box!
Kiss a Ferret
(Commercial) Kissing a Frog turns into more than she planned for!
Ferret Screen Cleaner
Screen cleaning ferret! Our very own Boris cleans your monitor from the inside!
Great Balls of Fire Ferret Style
Shuga Lee Lewis perform "Great Balls of Fire"
Weasel War Dance
Weasel War Dance- Great photography of the ferrets having a good time.
Ferret Video Techno Mix
Kevin Macleod put the war dance to a techno beat, and added some shifting colors. Ferrets doing some interpretive dance...I especially like the backing half twist when somebody puts down the carrier- not going to stop the party!
Ferret Video - Black Footed Ferret
Black Footed Ferret "Borrows" the microphone cover from the CNN crew during a story.
Ferret Video- Costumes from the Pursuit of Excellence
Some Ferret costumes from the PBS special "The Pursuit of Excellence".
Black Footed Ferret Captures
The black footed ferret is one of the most endangered animals in North America. Travel along on a capture and count mission- see what kind of trap works on the ferrets...
Ferret Video - Trained Ferret
Trained Ferret. Boy I can't get our kids to have over a 90% hit rate on the litterbox, this little guy is great!
Ferret Video - Short Overview on Ferret Care
A short overview on ferret care from Expert Village.
Rats Giggle
Not a ferret- but rats laugh. I have no doubt our furkids do too!
We've spent many pleasant hours gathering this ferret video, we hope you enjoyed it. If you have some ferret video of your own, please send it to us via the contact us link!

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