Here's a cute sable ferret wallpaper I came across, thought you might like it.


"Ferret Wallpaper" by was published on May 14th, 2008 and is listed in Ferret Pictures.

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  1. kimberly wrote,

    wow my ferret lookes alot like that his name is ozzy and he is 5 weeks old and his mom is looking for a mate again.

  2. Carpet Shark wrote,

    Hi Kimberly-

    That color pattern is called sable, we have a couple like that as well. If you’d like, send in a picture and we’ll get it up in the gallery. If you’re looking for a mate for Ozzy, the best place is the shelters, there are lots of loving little ones just looking for a home. The kits are cute, but you may want to consider an older ferret, may are nip trained and make great pets.

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