Over the years our ferrets have stolen pretty much everything that wasn't nailed down. I though it might be fun to document what the current ferrets steal, and previous carpet sharks have made off with. Feel free to join in the comments if your ferrets have stolen something funny...

- Fuzzy Slippers
- MY Car Keys
- Aluminum Foil
- Grocery Bags (plastic AND paper)
- Computer mice- wired and wireless, thank you.
- Odor Eaters out of your shoes
- Headphones
- iPods
- Tennis Shoes
Ferret Video - Black Footed Ferret - Tennis Balls
- A Night Light
- Christmas Ornaments
- Cigarette packs
- A wallet
- Tampons from under the sink (when company was over. And he ran by with it. Sigh)
- The TV remote. During the playoffs
- A bag of chips. And pretzels. And Popcorn. Who keeps leaving these out???
- Pencils. Pens.
- Paper Towel Rolls
- Cell Phone (I had to call it to find it, I'm sure I didn't leave it under the dresser!)
- The Bottle of Ferret Ear Mite Medicine (I'm sure that was just a coincidence...)
- A Change Purse
- Tinsel off the Christmas Tree
- The Dog Leash (the least she could do was walk him)
- My Heart.

And a bazillion socks... What has your little bandit snatched?

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"Ferrets Steal the Darndest Things…" by was published on December 19th, 2009 and is listed in Ferret News.

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Comments on "Ferrets Steal the Darndest Things…": 12 Comments

  1. Jodie wrote,

    Bandit got a package of peanut butter crackers- chewed them up and made a huge mess!

  2. Carol Matheus wrote,

    My baby got into the dishwasher and stole the wire medium size strainer with a long black handle. I saw her running into the bedroom with it going under the bed. Why don’t I have my camera when she does these things.

  3. Tiana wrote,

    My Chunkey stole my glasses and placed them on top of a pair of my husband’s old stinky socks under the bed. Then put a carrot piece in the middle.

  4. cindy wrote,

    MOOSE stole a katana,a Viking Sword,and a few knives. of course he stole socks.
    current ferret things sheet music is stealable.

  5. Melissa wrote,

    Steve has stolen flip flops, shoe insoles, the mouse pad (For the computer) The kid’s foam building blocks, a small stuffed replica of chucky cheese.. (Haven’t found him yet, last time I saw chucky he was being dragged naked behind the washer, but he wasn’t there last time I checked.) pretty much anything that is “foamy” is fair game. The latest and most impressive are there 36″ foam swords the boys got to play with, somehow he got them behind the washer comletely in tact! It’s only mildly annoying when you go to work, and find all teh insoles in ALL the shoes are missing, but you still can’t help but laugh!

  6. Ann wrote,

    Hmmm…. Let’s see…

    Pens are a big hit with my crew, especially the ones that have the rubber comfort grip. The vet’s stethoscope – that was a bit embarrassing. Me – I was almost dragged behind the couch by one of my first ferrets, the first day we brought him home; the big guy had a grip on me between my thumb and first finger on my left hand (ouch!). (We taught him not to bite and he became the biggest love and a total Momma’s Boy). My husband’s boxer shorts – fresh out of the dryer, of course. A tube of hand cream (she must have liked the smell?). Assorted stuffed animals and hard rubber dog bones, naturally. My husband’s leather and fleece slippers disappear under the couch within seconds of us letting them out to play. Prescription pill bottles (safety locked, thank goodness!) – I think they liked the rattling sound of the pills against the plastic. DVD cases – why?

  7. Lesley wrote,

    My albino Fuzzy butt Rebel LOVES to steal anything she can get her little paws on! at one point when we cleaned out her hiding hole we found…….8 pens, 3 balls of tin foil she dug out of the trash, a butterfinger candy bar ( unopened and not eaten thank goodness) her baby pacifier she loves to play with……and a kitchen serving spoon lol My other fuzzy boy Memphis……steals used straws lol

  8. sherry wrote,

    my big boy bonzai , loves to steal my granddaughters nose bulb…the thing that you suck out their nose with, why is beyond me, but he sure knows as soon as I set it down…lol. and of course the shoe inserts, he pulls out the inserts takes off with them then pulls the glue spots off them?…( he does not eat it, just pulls it off).

  9. kris wrote,

    well our little doodle bug enjoys the tv remotes and cell phones, while baby bailey LOVES tampons! Purchased new furniture and thought we had cleaned out her stash but as the movers were taking it to the curb they just kept pouring out! so embarrasing! and not to mention the pizza crusts, wii controlers we thought we lost forever and silverwear! I think i found our whole missing silverwear set under our sofas

  10. desiree wrote,

    my ferret sadie doesnt really take anything and hide it. except my shoes.sadie and my cat moomoo LOVE my shoes.

  11. Ryan wrote,

    Our oldest ferret, an albino named Vanilla Ice, loves to steal money out of the wallet and hide it.

  12. Carpet Shark wrote,

    Oh my, straight for the cold hard cash. Ouch!

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