Ferret Toys

Ferrets are fun pets. They’re active, creative and intelligent. And they like toys. But there are certain ferret toys that not even the best natured of ferrets will enjoy. Don’t waste your money on ferret toys that at worst are dangerous and at best will sit ignored by your pet. Here's some fun toys:

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Here are some ferret toys to avoid:
First, don’t buy your ferret a clear plastic ball to run in. Ferrets have unique personalities. They like to explore their surroundings. If they’re running inside a clear plastic ball, they can’t do this. Remember, ferrets are not hamsters. They don’t always like the same toys.

Don’t buy a ferret toy because it makes sound or boasts flashing lights. Ferrets don’t react to these stimuli. They’ll probably simply ignore these noisy toys. They do however like things that MOVE.

But what ferret toys should you buy? There are several on the market that will make your ferrets happy.

Plastic tunnel sets are one of the best. Ferrets enjoy exploring the twists and turns of these tunnels. And you can arrange the tunnels in any way you’d like, constantly creating new adventures for your pet.

Small stuffed animal is always good- fun for running away and hiding.

Ferrets also love balls, particularly the kind similar to tennis balls. This is no surprise considering how active and dexterous ferrets are. You’ll be surprised at how much play time ferrets can squeeze out of simple balls.

Of course, ferret toys aren’t the key to making happy ferrets. These animals thrive on activity and human interaction. This means you have to let them out of the cages frequently so that they can go exploring! While ferret toys are fun for the animals, they’re not a necessity. Ferrets, in fact, can make a toy out of just about anything. Try leaving your keys within their reach. You’ll see.

Don’t spend a fortune, then, on costly ferret toys. Instead, find a small number of favorites for your ferret. Then spend some time playing with and interacting with your pet. If they grow tired of a toy, you can put it up for a month or so, then give it back and it's just like a new one!

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