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Ferret Bedding comes in all shapes and sizes More than just a necessity,ferret bedding, is one of the fun ways you can spoil your little one. So you're in the market for a little furniture for your new ferret, or perhaps it's time for redecorating for your business of ferrets? One of the fun ways to accessorize for your ferrets is with a new handmade ferret bedding set. To begin with, when we say bedding, we're talking about ferret linens here, items for your ferret's basic comfort and warmth. If you were looking for some details on litter, that's a much simpler matter. Just get something that doesn't have a lot of dust (wood chips and cat litter are bad and may cause respiratory problems), you may want to try Yesterday's News Ferret Litter. Now back to the less practical but more fun stuff!

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First off, what the bedding is made out of is important. Besides something soft and warm for tunneling, make sure you get something that your furry friend won't catch his claws in. If the ferret gets caught and panics, they can injure themselves, and that's the last thing you want. Fleece works especially well for bedding. You can be creative here, and go with a simple (a fleece blanket cut up and maybe a hammock) setup, or with a multi-level palace including all different kids of bedding. Here's a sample of what's available:

    Ferret Bedding includes hammocks for Everyone!

  • Hammock - The hammock is one of your most basic pieces of ferret furniture, second only to a nice blanket for tunneling. You have several options in hammocks ranging from small to large, padded, and covered. We're had the best luck with having a couple of hammocks so the kids have options. One large open hammock and one large covered hammock seem to serve our four ferrets fine. Your ferret's preference, and your cage space will help you choose, as we mentioned earlier every ferret needs a hammock to relax in.
  • Jingle Stars (Pillows/toys) - Well there's a story about a kid who opens all his presents on Christmas and then spends all day playing with the boxes. Ferrets are like that too. There are all kinds of wonderful jingling stars, moons, pillows and toys. Our experience is the ferrets will play with them for about 5 minutes, then get tired of them. You can extend their useful life by having a large collection and rotating them out (fortunately a toy they haven't seen in two weeks is like a brand new one!), but consider these little bonuses in the ferret bedding packages, you're not going to get the same kind of daily use you'll see with the other items.
  • Padded Cage Mats - these are a nice option if you have a wire cage, and they're also nice on the bottom level of a metal cage. Many people forget that the floor can get cold at night, a nice mat and and blanket makes sure your little ones are comfortable all night long. Ferret tolerate cold a bit better than heat, but everyone likes to get under the covers at night, the furkids are no exception.
  • Ferret Bedding comes in all shapes and sizes, here is a tube

  • Hanging Tunnel - Basically a tube that is open on one or both ends. One of our jills loves these, they other kids aren't as happy to use it. If your little one likes the ferret bedding in a cube or round shape, they may be a candidate to spend some quality time in a tube.
  • Round Padded Bed - Your mileage may very, but the most use we've seen on these is as a toy during frequent cage "rearranging" sessions. Dogs and cats appreciate a bed, ferrets, not as much, lol. The exception is an old or a sick ferret, they tend to make more use of the ground based pieces of bedding.
  • Hanging Round Sleeper and Hanging Cube - Our round sleepers and cubes get a lot of use. Then don't seem to mind too much if it has one opening or several, there's something that fun about a sleeper, and it's a little more closed in so they feel a bit more secure.
  • Sleeping sack - right up there with the hammock and blanket, a good sleep sack will be one of your most used pieces of ferret bedding. Old, young, sick and healthy all our kids like the ferret sleep sacks. Ours especially enjoy them when they're out of the dryer (or even better still in the laundry basket, but that's a different story!)

Okay, there's your crash course in ferret bedding, here's what's available in the live auctions right now!

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